Poï Meteor
Poi Meteor – Gora
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Poi Meteor – Gora

$95,00 USD - $123,00 USD

Fire version of the ancient Chinese Martial Arts weapon.

The meteor is an ancient Chinese Martial Arts weapon, with its origins lost to the tides of history. The original weapon had either a heavy sharp blade or a heavy iron ball at the ends.

Basically, a meteor is like 2 poi on the two ends of a chain with no handle in the middle. If you spin the meteor fast, the chain forms a single line and starts to behave like a stick.

The fire heads are Monkey Fist knots from 13 mm diameter kevlar rope in two different sizes. The fire heads are followed by 40 cm of 2,5 mm wide twistlink chain. The chain is connected to the rope with a super strong swivel and extra strength keyrings, the combination of which guarantees outstanding reliability and durability. The middle part is made from 10 mm wide cotton rope, which is hand-sewn at the connecting points.

The cotton cord is not fire resistant, therefore you should take care to not directly place it into flames. If you want to feel extra safe, you can also wet the cord.

The meteor a rare and unique fire prop for fire performers who like to stand out from the crowd.

When transporting and storing the meteor it is important to store the cotton rope and fire heads separately, i.e. take care that the cotton rope does not absorb any fuel!

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