Twisted wing
Twisted Wing – Gora
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Twisted Wing – Gora

$91,00 USD

Twisted Wing Poi – Gora is also known as fire rope or fire snake.

For the ends of the Twisted Wing poi, Gora uses an additional Kevlar head to allow better swings.


Heavier, more flexible, more durable and more fire-resistant, the ball-shaped handles are the best for throwing tricks!

Price per pair.

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Twisted Wing – Gora

For the ends, an additional Kevlar head is used to close them for better swing and fire.

Ball-shaped handles are better for throwing tricks, especially silicone ones!
They’re heavier, softer, more durable and more fire-resistant.
You can change them for different handles, such as flower handles, wooden or silicone balls.

The swivels and rings used are very safe and durable.

  • Rope length : 45 cm
  • Total length : 65 cm
  • Weight : 300 grams

Price per pair.

Always check the condition of Twisted Wing – Gora pois before use.

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