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In the spring of 1994, two young people in their early twenties returned from a journey to  western Canada with juggling sticks in their luggage. A similar game (the devil’s stick) had been used for a very long time by circus arts professionals. With little financial resources, but a lot of conviction and creativity, and above all an advanced sense of entrepreneurship, they were able to design their own Flowersticks.

The use of the Flowersticks helps the development of motor skills. It is also much easier to handle than the devil’s stick. It is the birth of “Flowerstick inc.” The company became the instigator of a new trend in Quebec. The results were significant. A few months of exhibiting this product, during the summer of 1994, at fairs and festivals in the Greater Montreal area, were enough to create hype in the juggling industry and schoolyards. So much so that, in the autumn of 1994, workshops of Flowersticks making and juggling techniques classes was offered in schools. The demand was such that the company had to structure itself quickly. The energy and passion of its founders led them to create in March 1995 “Les productions Goudurix” A joint-stock company legally constituted, in accordance with the Companies Act of Quebec. Initial funding came primarily from the benefits generated during the first year of operation and partly from the “Government of Quebec Business Start-Up Program – Plan Paillé”

The company started with a single star product: the Flowersticks. After more than 20 years in business, Goudurix is renown as a pioneer and an expert in circus equipment. A selection of more than 1000 high quality products is offered.

Mission Statement

From the beginning, all of Goudurix’s activities were guided by the profound conviction that skill games and circus arts are an excellent means of promoting physical activity, peaceful attitudes and self-esteem. Indeed, mastering a skill requires the player to meet a challenge, perseverance, tenacity and daring. These are the same values that characterize the company and its managers today.

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