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Goudurix, THE REFERENCE for Circus and Juggling equipment 

Welcome to Goudurix, Canada’s largest specialized juggling and circus equipment store

Questions about our products? 

Whether you are looking for juggling equipment, aerial acrobatics or balance disciplines, Goudurix has been THE reference for circus arts equipment since 1994.

Either you’re an amateur, a student or a professional circus artist, at Goudurix you will find all the circus equipment you need.  

Don’t wait anymore to discover our wide inventory of high-quality items and props, specially designed for all disciplines of circus arts !

 Juggling | The Arts of Manipulation

The origins of ball juggling goes back to Antiquity. It has evolved a lot and several types of juggling are now practiced : aerial juggling, bounce juggling and contact juggling

Do you want to juggle with something else than juggling balls ? Goudurix also offers a wide selection of juggling clubs, rings, hats, knives, cigar boxes and juggling cups.

The art of manipulation is not only juggling

We also find in this category of circus art the following disciplines : diabolo, Flowerstick , Devil Stick, poi spinning, hula-hoop, spinning plates, manipulation sticks (Staff, S-Staff), yoyo, hacky-sacks and Kendama.

Aerial Acrobatics |Aerial Disciplines

Rise high in the air with our aerial hoops, static trapezes and colourful aerial fabrics (sold by metre).

Goudurix also offers a lot of quality tackle (hooks, swivels, carabiners, anchorage connector) to moor them safely and indispensable accessories ( chalk : liquid, block and balls, tape).

Our Choice of Items for Aerial Acrobatics Gives Wings

Goudurix also offers high-quality colourful aerial  silk yoga hammocks and a selection of safe bindings. They are available in a variety of bright colours and a choice of sizes (6 m and 10 m).

The Disciplines of Balance

One-wheeled bikes are no longer just on the circus ring !

Our unicycles for mountain, road and freestyle allow you to ride wherever you want, whenever you want.

Want to practice your balance outdoors? Our selection of Slacklines – with or without trees – is ideal for the outdoors and is easily transportable.

It’s hard to keep both feet on the ground with the Goudurix balance line.

Goudurix offers a selection of stilts for all levels, Rola Bola, Physitubes and Pogo Sticks.

Clowning Art

At Goudurix’s, you’ll find everything you need to be a clown !

Be sure to make the crowds laugh with our selection of amusing circus bikes (mini bike, tandem, Monster Bike). 

We also have several clown costume accessories (large selection of clown noses, masks, gloves and hats), professional stage makeup and magic sets.

Fire Manipulation Equipment

Do you like playing with fire? Our selection of flammable products -specially designed for fire manipulation – provides the warmth you are looking for: staff, s-staff , whips, poïs, diabolos, hoops, sword, fire spitter stick, hat, Rope Dart, fire hand and much more.

Goudurix also offers protective equipments, a variety of Kevlar wicks (sold by the meter) and a choice of safe fuels for fire handling. 

Large Selection of Lighting Products

Want to add colour and light to your performances? Discover our wide selection of glow products (LED, phosphorescent, and UV reactive). 

We also have all the equipment you need to keep your glow juggling items running for hours (spare batteries, light kits and chargers).

Accessories, Tools and Spare Parts for Circus Equipment

At Goudurix, you will find spare parts, tools, repair kits, as well as decorations to repair and customize your equipment (clubs, diabolo, unicycle).

Goudurix also offers quality clothing accessories to practice your favourite hobbies in complete safety (fire juggling, unicycle).

The Goudurix Shop is a Lot of Fun! 

The Goudurix shop is the perfect place to try out different circus and juggling items before buying them and discover the latest circus novelties.

Only 20 minutes from downtown Montreal, the store’s location is at 10581 Louis-H. Lafontaine blvd – close to highways 25 and 40. 

The opening hours of the Goudurix Boutique are shown in the blue band at the top of the page.

Stop by the shop to try out our different juggling balls and diabolos, and to test your balance on a unicycle, slackline, or on stilts. 

Our dynamic team will be delighted to give you a warm welcome and advise you on the product that will perfectly suit your needs.

Practicing the circus arts is more than a sport, it’s a lifestyle! 

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