Russian ball soft – Play
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Russian ball soft – Play

$10,00 USD - $11,00 USD

Made by PLAY (Italy), the Russian ball is used for aerial juggling, multi-ball juggling and contact juggling.

The Russian ball is highly recommended for those who want to practice multi-ball juggling (five balls and more) and contact juggling. Since the center of gravity of the Russian ball stays down all the time, it allows for easy body blocks.

All balls are sold individually.


A new interesting challenge: the combination of tradition and technology. Once more Play innovates today’s top juggling props. The SRX (Soft Russian) is the only Russian Style Ball on the market that keeps the common features of this kind of juggling ball (dead drop, easy foot/body catches, lightness) while providing an exclusive softness thanks to its rotary moulded PVC shell. SRX is partially filled with very thin quartz sand and plugged with our new soft coloured invisible plugs.

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