Manipulation fire staff Original dragon
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Manipulation fire staff Original dragon

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The Dragonstaff can be disassemble. Made with the best ressources on the market

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This is the original version of the Dragonstaff, as it was invented by Góra Krisztián in 2004. The form and sizes are identical with the original version, but of course we have incorporated developments in material and the small but important technical details.


For years we have not produced this version, as the Dragonstaff 10 is a 2-in-1 (Dragonstaff and Contactstaff) and extremely practical for travelling. Nevertheless, many professional users have requested that we make this original Dragonstaff again because it is their favorite for performing!


This version can also be disassembled for travelling. It comes apart into 5 pieces, where the middle part is 120 cm long. The crosses can be removed, but each cross remains one piece. You can also remove the 2 main heads. The assembling-disassembling procedure takes longer than for a Dragonstaff 10, as it uses traditional screws. You will need an Alan-key, which is included with your Old School Dragonstaff.


We make the Old School Dragonstaff of 7075 aluminum alloy. This material has the same tensile strength as steel, but it is light like aluminum. It is used in the space industry and for special aircrafts. This material makes a durable construction with a light weight possible. The combination of not using an adapter for the Oldschool Dragonstaff and using 7075 aluminum alloy it is surprisingly light (lighter than the Dragonstaff 10), very durable and extremely well balanced for your perfect flow.


Total Length: The standard length of the Oldschool Dragonstaff is 166 cm, which we think is suitable for most players. It is necessary that the distance between the two crosses is at least 120 cm, and using this construction a distance between the cross and the main head is recommended. You can choose a slightly shorter staff, in which case we will reduce the distance between the cross and the main head, but keep the 120 cm distance between the two crosses. If you choose a longer staff, we will increase the distance between the two crosses.


Replacement screw set: Your Oldschool Dragonnstaff includes everything you need, including screws and an Alan key. However if you lose a part, this replacement screw set might come in handy. It includes 8 washers, 4 screws, 4 nuts and an Alan key. If you order a replacement screw set, we encourage you share the replacement screws with friends – you are unlikely to need all the elements yourself.


Grip: The handling surface is covered with our 3.2 mm thick SuperGrip©. It has a soft spongy underlayer and a sticky, dotted overlayer which does not get slippery when wet. Over the years we have tested many versions and this by far provides the best hold even when your body sweats, and is also suitable for contact staff players with sensitive skin or allergies. The weight middle-point is clearly marked. You can chose your favorite grip color.

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