Contact Sword
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Contact Sword

$134,00 USD

Our Fire Contact Sword is a magical tool for contact staff masters, which seems to be defying the laws of physics. Among all the fire contact swords on the market, the Gora Fire Contact Sword has the best handle to blade ratio and therefore looks more like a real sword.

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This is possible thanks to the base of the blade being from a 15 mm x 1 mm aluminum 7075 tube, which enables light weight to go hand-in-hand with enough stability to prevent bending or breaking. Still, please be aware that this is a specialized, fragile tool which is not made for fights or throwing!

The full weight is only 1000 g for the 1260 mm long sword. The counterweight is a 50 mm diameter steel ball which weighs 630 g – more than half of the full weight! We cover the counterweight with a casted rubber overlayer to make the prop safer. Leaving the metal surface bare – like other makers do – would make the counterweight dangerous and increase risk of injury.

The handling surface is covered with our 3.2 mm thick SuperGrip©. It has a soft spongy underlayer and a sticky, dotted overlayer which does not get slippery when wet. Over the years we have tested many versions and this by far provides the best hold even when your body sweats, and is also suitable for contact sword players with sensitive skin or allergies.

We offer two kinds of handle designs. One is ergonomically tapered, like an hourglass-shape to improve control for the player. The straight design has a straight handle and therefore feels more like a contact staff. In both cases the handle is separated from the burning surface by a silicone disc to prevent burns and further improve the safety of this spectacular prop.

There are two marks to indicate the weight middle point. One marks the weight middle point for a dry sword, while the other indicates the weight middle point in case the sword is dipped. Throughout the burn time, the balance point gradually shifts from the “dipped” mark towards the “dry” mark.

The tip of the blade is wrapped by a 25 mm reinforced kevlar wick to protect from abrasion. If this part is damaged, we recommend you don’t use the sword until it is replaced as this part is much easier to repair.

This Fire Contact Sword provides an amazing visual experience for the audience and makes them come back for more! If you are an expert contact staff player, this sword will be your favorite prop for sure!


Recommendations for use:

Don’t dip the last 10 cm of the blade. Visually, this part will be on fire anyway because the kevlar soaks in the fuel. However, by having less fuel on the part closest to the grip, your performance becomes safer as both the grip and your body are exposed to less heat.
Handle and transport with care. If the blade gets too much side impact from the side, it can bend.
Do not fight or throw. This prop was not designed for stage fights or juggling tricks and can’t stand the impact of strong blows.
If you use benzene or white gas it will reduce the lifetime of the kevlar and may damage the silicone disc. Also the risk of injury will increase due to the higher temperatures those fuels burn with, so it is not recommended to use the Contact Sword with these fuels.
Use very carefully, the Fire Contact Sword is made exclusively for expert contact staff players. Only ignite the prop if you have the necessary skill!

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