Anchor plate for ceiling
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Anchor plate for ceiling

$40,00 USD

Sturdy 6 mm thick galvanized steel plate without welding, for anchoring any aerial equipment to the domestic ceiling (fabrics, hoops, trapezes, ropes).



The plate has a diameter of 12 cm and the distance between the holes is less than 10 cm, allowing it to be fixed both to the reinforced concrete joists commonly found in domestic ceilings and to a wooden beams. Always consult an experienced professional to determine if the ceiling or beam to which you intend to attach your anchor point is suitable for the purpose.


The eyelet is equipped with a wear-resistant silicone protection compatible with all Carabiners, Quick Link and Swivel on the market.


The plate is supplied with 3 certified anti-seismic concrete anchors for which it is necessary to drill 10 mm holes in the ceiling or with 3  8X100mm self-drilling  screws  for wood. The choice of the type of anchor must be specified


An economical and safe solution for practicing aerial acrobatics at home in total safety.

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