Aerial silk kit
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Aerial silk kit

$95,00 USD

Professional fabric for aerial acrobatics and dance.
100% polyester. Width 160 cm.

Ideal for experts and beginners.

Minimal longitudinal stretch for excellent slip and fall control.

Soft and pleasant to the touch.

Aerial fabric (6m) + Carabiner + Ring


Aerial tissues are developed in collaboration with professional acrobats and teachers from all over the world. The fabric has a width of 160 cm, it is made of 100% polyester and specially treated to reduce its longitudinal stretch as much as possible. This makes them easy to grasp, allowing beginners and professionals to make much less effort to climb them and makes it easier to control slips and “falls”. In short, they are ideal aerial silks for aerial acrobatics and dance at all levels.

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Silk (6m) + Rigging ring(1) + Carabiner(1) – 120$