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You can create a massive fire effect with the Vul-Cane – Gora!

This fire accessory is an elegant cane for Lycopodium that creates an incomparable fire effect to amaze all audiences.

Lycopodium is a fine dry powder made from a plant that has been used for fire effects for hundreds of years.

Simply sprinkle the powder into a flame. On contact, it will ignite and create a gigantic ring of fire around you!

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The Vul-Cane – Gora weighs 400 g.


First apply the Lycopodium in the tube using a funnel.

Then apply the kerosene with a syringe.

Once the Lycopodium is in the tube, the Vul-Cane should remain upside down.

Now it’s time to light the cane, making sure there are no people or flammable materials within a radius of 6 meters.

If the space is safe, the Vul-Cane can be swung strongly. The centrifugal force will push out the powder, which will ignite on contact with the head.


ALWAYS use the Vul-Cane – Gora with great care.

  • Do NOT use in the wind.
  • Do not inhale during the explosion, as you may inhale the burning powder.

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