Volcano Sword – Gora
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Volcano Sword – Gora

$118,00 USD

Make huge fireballs with your Volcano Sword – Gora!

This unique accessory is a combination of the Fire Sword – Gora and the Vul-Cane. The empty, dry sword weighs 427 g. This equipment is designed for experienced fire artists.

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This unique accessory is designed for experienced fire artists.

The empty, dry sword weighs 427 g.


First apply the lycopod to the blade of the Volcano – Gora Sword, using a funnel.

Then apply the kerosene with a syringe.

Make sure there’s no excess fuel near the tip of the blade, otherwise the lycopod will get wet and turn to mud.

From the moment you put the lycopod in the blade, you must keep the sword upside down. Light the sword, then make sure there’s no one, or any flammable material, within a radius of about 6 meters. If the space is safe, you can start swinging the sword. The centrifugal force will cause the powder to fly out, igniting on contact with the head and producing a tremendous flame effect.


ALWAYS use the Volcano – Gora Sword with care.

  • Do NOT use it in the wind.
  • Do not inhale during the explosion, as you may inhale the burning powder.
  • Use cooler liquids such as kerosene, lamp oil or barbecue oil.
  • Do not use white spirit or benzene.
  • Do not hold swords continuously downwards.
  • Do not place them on the floor while burning.

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