Scarf Poï
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Scarf Poï

$18,00 USD

The Scarf Poi is made by Goudurix.

The Scarf Poi consists of a weighted and padded cotton head cover with black velvet attached to a cord.

A 100% nylon square scarf is tied to the head.

A swivel allows the rope not to tangle when spinning.

Two black nylon finger loops provide a comfortable grip.

The Scarf Poi is totally silent.

To create a flag effect, just hold a corner of the square against the string when spinning.

Colorful and translucent, the Scarf Poi shimmers wonderfully in the sun or with stage lights.

Goudurix advice: The Scarf Poi is ideal for training and for stage performance.

The Scarf Poi is available in many bright colors.

Sold by the pair.

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Weight 75 kg

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