Rope Dart
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Rope Dart

$95,00 USD - $99,00 USD

The Rope Dart is a fire prop made by Gora. **Spherical rubber handle is black not red**
The Rope Dart is a modern and peaceful interpretation of a weapon use in ancestral Chinese martial art.
The Rope Dart consist of a poï (monkey fist) in Kevlar. It is connected with a swivel to a stainless steel chain, which is also connected with a swivel to the rope. The two swivels allow the chain to rotate. A spherical rubber handle allow you to handle the Rope Dart firmly.
The Rope Dart make it possible to handle the fire in a unique way, with ample movements.
Goudurix recommend handling the Rope Dart carefully and ignite it only when you are in complete control of your movements.

Poï (fist) diameter : 105 mm
Chain length : 40 cm
Cord length : 193 cm
Cord diameter : 10 mm
Spherical rubber handle : 40 mm

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