Poseidon Fire Poi
Poseidon Fire Poi
$36,00 USD - $53,00 USD Select options

Poseidon Fire Poi

$36,00 USD - $53,00 USD

POSEIDON is our new line of fire poi heads. A KEVLAR® wick rolled up in a “S”, as shown in the instructional pictures, to get great fuel absorption for long burning time.

A metal clip is used to safely secure the wick to a laser cut steel profile. It’s a simple, safe and very efficient design available in 3 sizes.

K50 – 50mm KEVLAR® 50 CM The perfect size to start spinning fire poi.

K70 – 70mm KEVLAR® 50 CM When things start getting serious.

K100 – 100mm KEVLAR® 75 CM This is BIG!

All POSEIDON fire poi are built using:

#2 twisted chain with welded rings

#8 ball bearing swivel

100% PURO KEVLAR® 3mm thickness


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Loop, Silicone Knob

Kevlar wick width

50mm, 70mm, 100mm