Beanbag 130 g – Mister babache

Beanbag 130 g – Mister babache


High quality juggling ball, the 130 g beanbag 2 colors Fluo is manufactured by Mister Babache (Switzerland).

The outer shell of this 130 g beanbag consists of four premium hand-stitched lycra panels, two in the neon color of your choice and the others two, white or black.

Designed with a nylon inner double-shell, the 130 g beanbag 2 colors Fluo returns to is spherical shape after the shocks, even if it’s flexible.

This juggling ball is filled with millet. This grain have rounded ends, it’s not aggressive for the envelope of the ball or for the hand.

The 130 g beanbag provides a comfortable grip, because it crashes into the hand, greatly facilitating the reception. It does not bounce when it falls to the ground, so it’s perfect for training and for beginners.

The 130 g beanbag is the most popular format of juggling ball. It is suitable for air juggling and multiball juggling.

This Mister Babache 130 g beanbag 2 colors Fluo is available in several combinations of one neon color with white or black.

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Weight 130 kg


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