Luxus white 16″ – Quax
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Luxus white 16″ – Quax

$128,00 USD

This white 305 mm (16″) unicycle for early beginners.


Luxus unicycle 16″ white : for early beginners.

  • Flatcrown frame with two-piece dropout, white
  • Black aluminum rim, 28 spokes
  • 50-305 mm (16″x1,95″) tire, black
  • Square taper axle, 28 spokes
  • 102 mm steel cranks, tapersquare
  • Slip-safe plastic pedal
  • Aluminum quick-release
  • 350 mm seatpost, diamond-knurled (does not twist) Ø 25,4 mm, steel
  • Comfortable, well cushioned and ergonomic smaller children saddle, black, changeable yellow bumper
  • Comes with a second, very short seatpost for small learners – no need to cut the seatpost
  • Minimum inseam size for Luxus unicycle 16″ white: 55 cm

OnlyOne and QU-AX unicycles with square taper axle are designed for children and beginners up to approx. 75 kgs.
For heavier riders or for advanced use (like jumping, freestyle, hockey, basketball etc., adults doing freemount or idling) we strongly recommend a unicycle with stronger ISIS or Q-Axle hub like the QU-AX Profi or Muni series.
You can also upgrade this unicycle with an indoor tire later, like for example in yellow.


Additional information


Wheel Diameter

305 mm (16")