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Diamond FX Makeup Palette 6 Colors Essential (6 x 10 g)

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Product Details:

Diamond FX Professional Paint is ideal for artistic makeup and body painting.

This Diamond Fx makeup palette contains 6 essentials colours (White, Black, Yellow, Blue, Green, and Red) of 10 g each and 2 DFX brushes (#3 Round Brush & #2 Flat Brush).

High quality, the Diamond FX body paint is water-based

Highly pigmented, DFX makeup is renowned for its bright colours.

Hypoallergenic | Fragrance-free

Easy to use with a slightly wet brush or sponge.

DFX paint provides maximum coverage and can be applied to all skin tones while maintaining its shine and density.

This DFX palette with 6 essential colours will last from 500 to 800 makeups.

Each colour comes in an individual container (10 g) removable from the palette and replaceable when necessary.

Diamond FX body paint is manufactured according to EEC and FDA standards.

Tips for use

-        Removes easily with soap and water.

-        Use a small amount of water on your brush or sponge. Do not put water directly on the paint.

-        Apply the colours evenly to obtain a smoother mixture.

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