MMX phosphorescent – Play
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MMX phosphorescent – Play

$9,00 USD - $10,00 USD

The MMX ball is made of PVC by Play (Italy). It is ideal for aerial juggling and for multi-ball juggling.

Also available in different colors.

All our balls are sold individually.

The MMX ball is surely the most popular PLAY juggling ball.

The shell is soft as beanbags providing extraordinary smooth feel in your hands.

The ball always keeps its perfect round shape in the air but doesn’t roll on the floor when dropped.

The MMX juggling ball is durable and easily washable with water and any kind of soap.

You can juggle under the rain or drop them on wet floors but sinking the balls underwater is not recommended since the plugs are not glued.

Filled with millet seeds injected with a special machine through a very small hole allowing us to use a pretty much “invisible plug” .

MMX ball also available in different colors.

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