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Stardass Poï

Code: SV002

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Product Details:

This spectacular poi features both an array of colourful, powerful LED lights in the head and a special fibre optic tail to reflect and refract and create stunning trails when in motion.

  • MODULAR POIDetachable handles and detachable optic fibers. Remove the fibers and get a perfectly balanced soft LED poi. Add the fibers and get a spectacular show poi

  • FAST USB RECHARGEABLE.Recharging cable is included

  • SUPER BRIGHT, with a sharp light projection into other objects connected to it.

  • MOTION SENSOR ACTIVATED, Slightly hit the Stardass head to change light programs.

  • BUILT TO LAST with a strong Polycarbonate shell and topped with softening layers.

  • MAGNIFICENT ARRAY OF STROBE LIGHT PROGRAMS, which can be modified upon special order requests.

  • SOFT AND PROTECTING  sheathed in silicon and EVA foam sandwich.

  • Manufacturer: Speevers

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