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Muni 29", Q-Axle, Schwarz

Code: QU1713

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Product Details:

High end unicycle for commuting or long-distance and light off-terrain.
•55-622 (29″x2,2″) Karma Pro high pressure tire (superlight, foldable) 120 TPI, inflatable up to 80 PSI (5,5 bar)
•flatcrown frame
•double walled aluminum rim, 36 holes
•QU-AX Freestyle-saddle with integrated handle, changeable bumper
•black aluminum seatclamp
•light and hollow Q-Axle hub, 36 holes
•light QU-AX Q-Axle cranks 145 mm, anodized in ti-grey
•light QX-series plastic pedals, black
•aluminum seatpost, 350 mm
•weight: 5,82 kg Q-Axle
•minimum inseam: 76 cm
  • Manufacturer: QU-AX
  • Colour: Black

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