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Diabolo triple bearing Hurricane

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Manufactured by JuggleDream (England), the Hurricane diabolo is the awaited result of three years of research.

Hurricane is a large diabolo with a triple bearing that allows it to gain speed easily and to keep it (20 times longer than standard diabolos). The triple ball bearing shaft allows longer rotations, which gives more time to make complex figures.

The Hurricane diabolo is very stable at high speed because of its large cupolas made of soft plastic.

The Hurricane diabolo has a wide axis, which facilitates the figures on the stick and on the fingers.

Robust, the Hurricane diabolo is ideal for intensive use and its cupolas are scratch resistant.

The translucent colors of the cupolas let the light through, allowing for dazzling visual effects on stage.

Goudurix recommends the Hurricane diabolo to teenagers and adults.

The Hurricane diabolo is offered in jumbo size and in several translucent colors.

All diabolos are sold with a pair of Goudurix handsticks and an instructions booklet.

  • Weight in gram: 280.0000
  • Lenght: 153 mm
  • Diameter: 126 mm
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